Server Rules

1. No Griefing or stealing of claimed or unclaimed areas.

2. Do not use any hacked clients or xray texture packs. Anything that gives the player an advantage or offers any kind of unintentional experience isn't welcome. Some illegal modifications are listed below:
X-ray texturepacks/modifications, hacked clients and macros.
Allowed mods: Optifine, Any Minimap/Waypoint, AppleSkin, Durability Viewers, LightLevel Overlays, JEI, No Recipe Book, Badlion Client, Lunar Client, Litematica / Schematica (without printer / easy place functions)

3. Do not spam, advertise, or send other inappropriate messages in chat. Do not try and circumvent this as you will be permanently banned or muted.

4. No TP killing or trapping is allowed. This includes teleporting people underwater or on platforms.

5. No scamming or posting misleading items on the auction house.

6. Player harassment is strictly prohibited.

7. Any form of evasion from mutes and bans will result in a permanent ban.

8. Keep chat friendly and refrain from swearing excessively/anything that can be offensive to a player.

9. Using any exploits and not report it will be punished, including if you're not doing it directly yourself.

10. Using the auction house or other means to advertise a shop or warp is prohibited.

11. Abusing bugs or glitches in an attempt to crash the server will result in a permanent ban.